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The World’s Best Product for Visual Impairment

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Are You Visually Impaired?

Is your life turning dull and colourless due to low vision? Is vision impairment taking a toll on your way of life? Is it getting more and more challenging for you to see and remember the faces of your loved ones due to vision loss?
IrisVision comes with a revolutionary low vision aids for people with visual impairments. If you don’t want to end up being another sight loss victim, it’s about time you reach out for low vision aids rather than living your life in a gray, blurry world.

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Visually Impaired Products Redefined

Unlike any other low vision aid, the IrisVision enhances your leftover vision to an extent that helps you reclaim the colours and joys of your life lost due to any of the degenerative eye diseases including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Retinitis Pigmentosa. Not only that, you get a bundle of mind blowing features like streaming HD video content, the IrisReader that reads you your favorite books, and an intelligent voice assistant! Every feature in the IrisVision brings a little of your life back to you.

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A Technological Breakthrough Backed By The World’s Best Eye Doctors

World’s top eye doctors and low vision experts have contributed in the development of IrisVision under the funding from the National Eye Institute (NEI), making it the most medically-validated wearable low vision aid available currently. An FDA class 1 registered medical device, IrisVision brings the best of low vision aids.

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With IrisVision, you get the absolute best for what you pay for, and the best part is that you have to pay a mere quarter of the price of other vision impaired products. Avail it by paying in full or in monthly installments. It’s your choice and your comfort.

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What Does It Mean To Be Visually Impaired?

Many people end up having some kind problem with their vision at one or the other point in their lives. Some develop problems in reading small prints, other become unable to see objects at a distance. Many of such conditions can often be treated conveniently with eye glasses or contact lenses.

However, when one or more areas of the eye or brain involved in processing the images get diseased or damaged, you can be inflicted with severe or total vision loss. These are the cases when complete vision restoration is not possible with either corrective lenses like glasses and contacts, or medical treatment like surgery.

According to estimates:

More than 10 million US citizens suffer from some sort of visual impairment.

In fact, visual impairment is a broader term used by experts to describe any type of vision loss, whether someone is able to see partially or someone is suffering from total vision loss.

Though some people are not able to see anything at all, many still have the ability to see to a level referred as ‘legal blindness’. Such people aren’t devoid of their vision completely, but have suffered enough deterioration in the vision that they’d have to get as close as 20 feet from an object to see it as sharply as someone with normal vision could see it from 200 feet away.

How to Address Vision Impairment?

According to the estimates of WHO:

Around 80% of the vision impairment throughout the world is considered avoidable.

There are different medications and treatments available to prevent and treat eye diseases that might lead to vision impairment. For instance, glasses and contact lenses can be used to treat uncorrected refractive errors, whereas cataract surgery may help restore your vision. Similarly, people with irreversible vision impairment may resort to low vision aids like IrisVision, which can augment their diminished vision caused by a host of different eye diseases.

How IrisVision May Help Visually Impaired?

IrisVision is not just any ordinary visual assistance device, it is a specially designed vision enhancement solution, an FDA approved grade I medical device aimed to help people make the best of their leftover vision. So, let’s have a look at how it may help visually impaired.

As A Visually Impaired Product

As the name suggests, visually impaired products are designed and produced specifically for people whose vision has been deteriorated due to various eye diseases or some accidents in certain cases; for example, concussion.

Though there’s a whole range of conventional products for visually impaired, such as magnifiers, talking products like talking watches and calculators, reading and writing aids for visually impaired, sunglasses and so forth, each of such products is limited only to one or two purposes or functionalities at most.

A revolutionary low vision solution like IrisVision, on the other hand, offers a dynamic range of benefits, serving many-in-one kind of solution. Whether your vision impairment is caused by macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, it has different modes to cater to differing needs of people suffering from different eye diseases.

As Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired

The significance of assistive devices for visually impaired cannot be overstated, because of the hampered natural ability to see things. It is quite a broad term covering everything from screen readers for blinds to screen magnifiers for those computer users who have low vision. However, IrisVision literally alleviates the whole concept of assistive technology for visually impaired, because it not only helps vision impaired people with their vision, but also incorporates the long lost independence and self-reliance back in their lives, enabling them to perform various of their daily chores without assistance from others.

As One of the Best Visually Impaired Aids

When it comes to the best aids for visually impaired, nothing really comes up to the par with IrisVision, which combines the best of the tech world with the best of the eye care world. This unprecedented amalgam enables it to offer the best whether it is about catering for something as simple as reading aids for visually impaired to speech-recognition based video-player for visually impaired. You get almost everything covered in this one wholesome solution for people suffering from different types of vision impairment.

As Smart Glasses for Visually Impaired

One thing is quite clear, visually impaired are unable to see rightly without assistance and most of them need some sort of glasses anyway. So, instead of some typical glasses for visually impaired, why not go for the smartest ones, ones that will go above and beyond in fulfilling your needs and requirements. Yes, IrisVision is that smart as a solution for visually impaired, with some out-of-the-box features in addition to simply serving the basic purpose of glasses. For example, it responds to your verbal commands, helps you switch between various reading modes, offers customized modes for different eye diseases, enables you watch images and videos, and so forth.